Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SNCTTV.COM Now Presents the SCC Weekly Report

Wow it has been a while since the Boyling Point has visited the blogging arena.

It feels good to be back in action. I am heated – very hot concerning that lack of intelligence show by ESPN, NFL Network and other so called experts including writers and alike who have failed to mention the significance of the Chad Ochocinco dropped pass that would have been 6-points for the Patriots last Sunday verses Buffalo. There was over eight-minutes remaining when he let the ball slip through his hands. Yes they did eventually score but the drive chewed up another 5-minutes doing so.

Now hold on! I know they played the replay a thousand times on every sports network, but has anyone of the experts mentioned the fact that if he had made the catch the Pats would have had time left on the clock at the end of the game to attempt at a game tying drive.

I am not sore the Pats lost. I am just disgusted with the failure of any of the experts to recognize the significance of they play at that point in the game. All their chatter is irrelevant.

I am a Red Sox fan but I am rooting for the small market team Tampa to make the playoffs. Another blow for another overpaid team is good for all sports fans.

It leads me to this point the “Pay to Play” legislation which was past last year by the politicians in Shelton had an immediate impact on last year's athletic programs.

According to AD John Niski “It put a dent into our programs, at the time we were one of most expensive programs in the state and country.”

Niski added “we lost overall about 15 percent of the total numbers of participation.”

You can listen to the entire interview on the SCC Weekly Report at The interview will be available this coming Friday.

On the topic of the SCC Weekly Report – SCC commissioner Al Carbone and I have made a commitment to provide the radio style report each week during high school year. If you missed the week 1 report you can find it at

Some news to look forward to from the desk of the commissioner, in the near future the AD's will vote for or against a D1 SCC hockey tournament. I hope the vote yes. It would be a huge success.

Check back we'll have more to come on the Boyling Point.

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