Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SNCTTV.COM Now Presents the SCC Weekly Report

Wow it has been a while since the Boyling Point has visited the blogging arena.

It feels good to be back in action. I am heated – very hot concerning that lack of intelligence show by ESPN, NFL Network and other so called experts including writers and alike who have failed to mention the significance of the Chad Ochocinco dropped pass that would have been 6-points for the Patriots last Sunday verses Buffalo. There was over eight-minutes remaining when he let the ball slip through his hands. Yes they did eventually score but the drive chewed up another 5-minutes doing so.

Now hold on! I know they played the replay a thousand times on every sports network, but has anyone of the experts mentioned the fact that if he had made the catch the Pats would have had time left on the clock at the end of the game to attempt at a game tying drive.

I am not sore the Pats lost. I am just disgusted with the failure of any of the experts to recognize the significance of they play at that point in the game. All their chatter is irrelevant.

I am a Red Sox fan but I am rooting for the small market team Tampa to make the playoffs. Another blow for another overpaid team is good for all sports fans.

It leads me to this point the “Pay to Play” legislation which was past last year by the politicians in Shelton had an immediate impact on last year's athletic programs.

According to AD John Niski “It put a dent into our programs, at the time we were one of most expensive programs in the state and country.”

Niski added “we lost overall about 15 percent of the total numbers of participation.”

You can listen to the entire interview on the SCC Weekly Report at The interview will be available this coming Friday.

On the topic of the SCC Weekly Report – SCC commissioner Al Carbone and I have made a commitment to provide the radio style report each week during high school year. If you missed the week 1 report you can find it at

Some news to look forward to from the desk of the commissioner, in the near future the AD's will vote for or against a D1 SCC hockey tournament. I hope the vote yes. It would be a huge success.

Check back we'll have more to come on the Boyling Point.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Amity Softball and Baseball and North Haven Baseball in CIAC Tournament Action Today and Tomorrow

The Amity Spartan softball team travels an hour to Stamford, CT today to play Westhill HS in CIAC Class LL quartefinal round play at 4 pm. It will be a difficult task for the #9 Spartans as the face  the #1 seeded Vikings.

You can listen to the game on

The Amity Baseball team will get a rematch in the quarterfinals of the CIAC Class LL baseball tournament on Saturday when the square off against Cheshire. It will be the 4th meeting of the season between the teams. They met twice during the SCC regular season (Amity won both games) and met again in the SCC tournament semifinals with Cheshire earning the victory.  The Rams went onto win the SCC title for the first time in school history.

They will play Saturday at Municipal Stadium in Waterbury at 7PM. You can listen to the game on

Also on Saturday will broadcast the Class L baseball game between North Haven vs. Notre Dame WH at 3:30PM.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Should Umpires Start Games Before the Scheduled Start Time?

I reached the Boyling Point yesterday at a CIAC baseball game and I think I might be speaking for a lot of people out there. Here is the situation, the CIAC tournament games are scheduled to begin at 3:30 according to the CIAC website and the umpires at the game yesterday called the coaches to home-plate for the pre-game conference at about 3:22 pm. Approximately 8 minutes before the start of the game with intention to begin the game before the 3:30 start time. When I asked the plate umpire “why are you starting the game early?” his replay was “because I can” and I retorted “no you can’t”

His replay “ Yes I can but I will give you a few minutes.”

It’s the “because I can” part of the statement that had me bubbling over!

Now the general rules is: When the umpires take the field at a baseball game they are in charge and I agree they should be and by the way I feel they all to the best job they can do based on there experience and abilities. But this “IN-CHARGE” should not be interrupted to allow for a  sudden change in start time, to begin a game earlier than the expected. It is not fair to the media and the fans attending the game. was setting up for the live video broadcast of the game and we were scrambling to get the line-ups and make sure we were ready for the broadcast from a technical standpoint.  This means minutes are critical. 

In the end it worked out ok, but the stress involved, the wasted emotional energy and time lost to request the game to start at the scheduled start time is what had me bubbling over.

Just start the game at the time its scheduled to start.

I am advocating for the fans who leave work early get stuck in traffic, the reporters and broadcasters. We all want to enjoy the game, cheer on the teams, report and broadcast effectively.

I was at a CIAC game two years ago where the umpires started the game 10-minutes early. We were all taken off-guard all the runs were scored in the first couple of innings meaning the fans who paid admission excepting the game to start at the publicized time missed the game’s deciding runs.

One other quick note why can’t the coaches send there scorekeeper to the press box with lineups in hand. will broadcast today’s Bunnell vs. Notre Dame baseball game at 3:30 or who knows maybe earlier.

Friday, May 27, 2011

SCC Baseball Final Features Red Hot Teams - SWC Lacrosse on SNCTTV Tonight

Yesterday was a rather interesting day in the world of SCC tournament baseball - first Cheshire continued their outstanding play of late by beating Amity 6-2. It is only the third win by Cheshire over a Spartan team in the last decade. The win sends Cheshire to the SCC championship game for the first time since 1996. The Rams lost to Notre Dame WH 6-3 in the “96” title game.

Amity coach Sal Coppola must be very concerned with his clubs recent play - they lost the final two games of the regular season to Foran 1-0 and North Haven 8-7 and have be victorious only twice in there last five.

They did rebound to defeat Foran 4-0 in the SCC quarterfinals but look lackluster yesterday. To be fair the Spartans have lost a couple of key members for the season because of injury. Third baseman Mark Esposito and center fielder Chris Katz are both gone. Esposito was a solid defensive third baseman, while Katz was an important clog in the batting order.

The Spartan defense suffered yesterday too. Cheshire exposed some cracks in the infield using the bunt as an offensive weapon.

They Spartans will be a high seed when the CIAC Class LL pairings are announced later today and should begin the tournament with a couple of home games.

Cheshire has been just the opposite down the stretch and seems to be peaking at the right time and the result seven consecutive wins. The pitching staff in particular has been amazing. They had combined for 28 scoreless innings before Amity scored a pair of runs in the 6th inning of yesterday’s semifinal game.

Two of the Rams starters Ryan Rougeot and Max Slade have allowed just 10-hits in two tournament wins. The offense is red hot too, scoring 11 runs in the tournament. They have been led by catcher Connor David 5-hits in the SCC tournament and Tyler Robinson 6-hits.

Cheshire will play Fairfield Prep in the SCC Championship game on Saturday. The Jesuits will make a bit of school history as they make their first-ever appearance in the SCC championship game. The tournament dates back in 1995.

The Jesuits are a very athletic team and appear to playing there best baseball at the end of the season. The have won eight in row, there last loss was back on May 6 when they were beaten by rival Xavier 8-7.

The Jesuits are led by shortstop Alex Heiman and DH Antony Redamonti.

Cheshire and Fairfield will square off in the SCC title game on Saturday May 28 at Yale Field with a noontime start. will broadcast the game live.

Tonight on we broadcast the Boy’s and Girl’s SWC Lacrosse championship games from Pomperaug High School.

The boy’s game is set for 5pm and features New Fairfield vs. Newtown and the girl’s game at 7pm with Joel Barlow vs. Newtown.

We have have the broadcast replays of the SCC tournament games on

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just in SCC Postpones Today's Baseball and Track

Interview with SCC commissioner Al Carbone

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Due to the rain last night and potential severe weather this afternoon, the SCC Baseball Tournament has been postponed today and rescheduled for tomorrow.

Please read this carefully because sites have been changed to accommodate regular season CIAC games that teams must get in by Thursday.

 For Wednesday

Quigley Stadium:

Foran vs. Notre Dame (this is a regular season game) tentatively scheduled for 3:00 p.m.
#8 Foran vs. #1 Amity – 7:00 p.m. – SCC quarterfinal game

Yale FIeld:

#4 West Haven vs. #5 Cheshire – 4:00 p.m.  – SCC quarterfinal game
#2 Branford vs. #7 Notre Dame – 7:00 p.m.  – SCC quarterfinal game

West Haven High School (Piurek Field):

North Haven vs. Fairfield Prep (this is a regular season game) tentatively scheduled for 3:45 p.m.
#6 Sheehan vs. #3 Fairfield Prep – 7:00 p.m. – SCC quarterfinal game

The winners will advance to Yale Field for the semifinals on Thursday

Championship Game scheduled for Saturday - 12 noon.

Today's Southern Connecticut Conference Outdoor Track & Field Championships will be postponed until tomorrow - Wednesday, May 25, 2:30 p.m. @Sheehan High School.

For the latest schedule updates, visit or follow the SCC on Twitter @SCCcommissioner

Baseball on SNCT Today - SCC Tournament Updates

The SCC baseball tournament is schedule to get underway today at Whitey Piurek Field   at West Haven High School and Quigley Stadium, The first pitch at each locale is slated for 4pm for the first two games and 7pm for the back end games. will broadcast all the games live.

At Quigley
4pm West Haven vs. Cheshire
7pm Amity vs. Foran

At Whitey Piurek
4pm Notre Dame vs. Branford
7pm Fairfield Prep vs. Sheehan

Al Carbone the commsioner of the SCC as announced changes to the SCC softball tournament. Take a guess why? You/’ve got it Mother Nature. Here is the revised schedule.

Quarterfinals will be played Thursday, May 26 at the higher ranked team

#8 North Haven at #1 Foran 4 pm
#7 Sacred Heart Academy at #2 Sheehan 3:45 pm
#6 Mercy at #3 Amity 3:45pm
#5 Cheshire at #4 West Haven 7 pm

Semifinals will be played on Saturday at 3 pm and 5 pm at West Haven HS (Biondi Field).

The championship game will be played on Sunday at 2 pm at West Haven HS (Biondi Field).

2011 Southern Connecticut Conference Boys Volleyball Playoffs

Semifinals - Tuesday, May 24
#4 Amity at #1 Cheshire - 7 p.m.

Semifinals - Wednesday, May 25
#3 Daniel Hand at #2 Xavier - 5:30 p.m.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME - Thursday, May 26 @Shelton HS - 7 p.m.

Boys Lacrosse
Quarterfinals – Monday, May 23 @Higher Seeds
#1 Fairfield Prep 16, #8 Shelton 1
#4 Hand 11, #5 Xavier 8
#2 Cheshire 15, #7 Hamden 3
#3 Guilford 13, #6 Branford 5
Semifinals – Wednesday, May 25 @Branford HS
Cheshire vs. Guilford - 4 p.m.
Fairfield Prep vs. Hand - 6 p.m.
Championship Game – Friday, May 27 – 6 p.m. @Branford HS

Girls Lacrosse
Quarterfinals - Monday, May 23 @Higher Seeds
#4 Guilford 17, #5 Hamden 16
#2 Cheshire 17, #7 Sacred Heart Academy 5
#6 Amity 14, #3 Branford 13
#8 West Haven at #1 Hand - 5 p.m. - Tuesday, May 24 - 6 p.m.
Semifinals - Wednesday, May 25 @Hamden HS
Cheshire vs. Amity - 4 p.m.
Guilford vs. Hand/West Haven winner - 6 p.m.
Championship Game - Friday, May 27 @Branford HS - 4 p.m.